Where there is a will,there is a way

Resilient, ambitious, and persistent perfectly describe Dorcas Kakai. The last born in a family of 5 siblings wanted to be a pilot when she grew up. Dorcas was born in Ngong Hills however, was raised in Western Kenya. She started schooling at Moses Mudavadi Primary School in Vihiga County where she scored 402 marks in her KCPE out of 500 marks. Her impeccable performance earned her a spot at Bunyore Girls High School. Dorcas shares she sadly lost both of her parents in primary school, events that saw her raised by her relatives. Luckily, her father's long-term savings heavily assisted to cater to her high school fees. Dorcas had a deep interest in aviation and got inspired by her uncle to pursue aeronautical engineering at an Aeronautical College at Wilson Airport back in the year 2015. She is very grateful to her family members who joined efforts and assisted her to pay the college fees. After completion, Dorcas started her first internship at an aviation company for 3 months. After the internship, she however struggled to secure a job and had to go work at a garage as a mechanic intern to make ends meet. To make use of her school-gained expertise and skills, she went back to aviation and landed another internship at an Air Charter for another 6 months. She later on went to KAC- Engineering where she interned in a piston engine and its accessories overhaul for 5 months. With no job forthcoming, Dorcas went back home and wanted to try her hand at entrepreneurship. She enrolled in an apparel; sweater and carpet knitting school for 6 months. After completing the training, she had no adequate capital to start her own workshop and a shop to sell her products. She, therefore, went to work at an animal feed shop. This job being temporary, she moved locations and finally found herself at a grocery store selling vegetables. This job was not satisfactory to her and she went back to job hunting, landing herself at dry cleaning services where she started as a customer service agent. Her hard work saw her scale up the ladder to become the branch supervisor. After a few years, her passion for aviation came back calling. She went seeking an aviation job and was lucky to get an internship at 748 Air Services, after several years of sending applications to various aviation companies. Her commitment and dedication at 748 Air Services saw her get a job as a maintenance planner, and technical records officer. Determined and focused Dorcas grew up the ladder to become the Senior Maintenance Planner in the last 3 years. Her role entails collecting and saving aircraft data on the engine, components and propellers, specifications, checking previous history, and then tracking it on a system when the plane is flying. Dorcas calls planes for checks such as A Checks and C- Checks and ensures the aircraft are airworthy. She passionately ensures the plane retains its market value by being reliable and safe. Dorcas loves her job as she gets to offer solutions to problems and makes work easier for her colleagues to find the aircrafts data. Dorcas says she loves the 748 Air Services work culture as employees treat each other as a family, are supportive, and stand with each other in good and bad times. She adds that they are caring and friendly too. She advises her peers, "Our journeys are different, it necessarily doesn't mean that because someone else failed or struggled you will experience the same. With God, passion, and perseverance your dreams are achievable. Where there is a will there's a way." During her free time, Dorcas loves watching movies, hanging out with friends, reading inspirational books, memoirs and listening to podcasts. Social and friendly Dorcas is also born again and enjoys serving in church on Sundays. #748AirServices #WeGoAboveandBeyond #Aviation #WomeninAviation #AviationDaily #Aviationlovers #Storytime #Storytelling #Motivation #Inspiration
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