Try your best and do good.

Nelly Obor was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She hails from Uyoma Kokwiri village in Bondo, Siaya County. Nelly wanted to be a pilot when she grew up, something she really endeared from a very young age. Her aspirations were influenced by her late mother who worked at the airport as a security personnel. She went to school at Embakasi Primary before excelling to Embakasi Girls High School. She faced numerous challenges in her studies, as she was often sent away from school due to lack of school fees. There were times when she spent a whole term away from school as her parents struggled to make ends meet. Despite these challenges, she managed to complete her secondary education. Unfortunately, Nelly could not pursue further studies due to insufficient funds. She was now forced to fend for herself. Her first job was as a house help where she worked for a year. She used her savings from this venture to pay for her secretariat and computer courses. Equipped with additional skills, she sought another job and landed as a waitress for a catering company in Khartoum, Sudan. Nelly could not withstand the tough working conditions in Sudan and resorted to coming back home to Kenya. This time, she was able to secure a job as a cyber attendant. While carrying out her daily duties at the cyber café, a client informed her of a job opening at a local airline which she always hankered. She jumped for the opportunity and submitted her application. Fortune came knocking at her door when she excelled in the interview and got the job as a customer service agent. Having no aviation background, Nelly enrolled herself in a college for Diplomas in Tours and Travel Management and Air Ticketing Management and a Certificate in Customer Service. At this juncture, she was juggling between work and school and could barely maintain a balance. Her determination saw her working throughout the day and studying through the night. Her hard work finally paid off as she holds two diplomas and a certificate to her name. Her go-getter attitude enabled her to secure a permanent position with this airline as a Sales and Reservations Agent where she worked for 10 years. She later on resigned from the position to pursue a career as a Travel Agent at a prestigious travel agency. Unfortunately, she lost that job during the covid 19 pandemic. Being a mother to a beautiful girl, Nelly had to scramble once again to look for a job. In the midst of her job search, she came across a vacancy at 748 Air Services posted on the website and social media platforms. She applied and was called for an interview where she excelled leading to her employment as a Reservations agent for FLY 748. Soft spoken Nelly is philanthropic by nature. Her dream is to have a foundation whose aim will be to educate young girls as well as supply sanitary towels to girls who miss school during their menses across the country. Nelly also aims to support “Mama Fua” a group of women who offer laundry services to set up their own laundry parlours as a way of empowering them to become self-sufficient. During her free time, Nelly loves spending time with her daughter, whom she describes as her motivation to get up and get through life. She also enjoys farming in her small kitchen garden where she plants various crops and rears chicken. Nelly loves to see other people winning and firmly believes that, “Everything you do in life whether good or bad, you will have to pay for it. Try your best and do good. Help people where you can, mention to people where opportunity arises and good will come back to you and your kin.”
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