The Go Getter

The paths were illuminated, but unaware which route to choose, she stood distorted. Impotent to decide how to move forward in life, she began her odyssey. This is the life-changing story of Safiya Idd, a canny young accounting and finance graduate. Her expedition began in a room filled with over ten established panelists, as she was interviewing for the Chairperson of the Salaries and Remuneration Commission. In an aghast manner, they looked at Safiya meagerly, unable to fathom why a young girl fresh-off university was applying for this position. Little did they know, she was well-read, and her fearless persona was ready to grab this job heads on. To her dismay she did not get the job, but the panel professed, she would go far in life. Back to the drawing board, Safiya began sending her CV anywhere and everywhere as she prayed employment would come her way. A few months later there was an opening for an administrative assistant at 748 Air Services. She came into the interview, confident as ever, but the job had been taken internally. Again her interview performance amazed the former HR Manager, she was later offered a three-month internship. At the time, Safiya was indecisive, she figured this internship was a stop in her odyssey to find herself. This opportunity enabled her to open her eyes. Fast forward two years, she became the Deputy Manager of the Human Resources and Administration department. You would imagine this would unnerve a 27-year-old, however Safiya undoubtedly took this job. Her admirable work ethic coupled with dedication and commitment has seen her grow from an intern to become the Head of Human Resources and Administration. “This job is not monotonous.” She added, “You should know what you want in life. When your objectives are in line with your job…. The Sky's the limit.”
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