The beauty of the calculator

Extroverted Racheal Wanjunu is more than meets the eye. The last born in a family of 2 siblings, wanted to be a neurosurgeon when she grew up, with huge inspiration from Ben Carson. She was born and raised in Nairobi and started schooling at VickMery Primary School. Her good primary school performance earned her a spot at Gatanga Girls High School for her secondary education. Her parents’ love of Math heavily influenced her career choice in finance. Initially, she did not love mathematics and was not good at it. She was enrolled at Abacus Kenya, where she developed a deep love for Math through training with various tools. She prides herself on attending Maths contests back in high school. She also loved computers in high school, which led her to be awarded a scholarship outside the country. After finishing high school, Racheal enrolled for a Diploma in Business Management at Catholic University later then advanced her education with a Degree in Commerce. Racheal joined the Strathmore University Association Chartered Certified Accounts (ACCA) to become more marketable in her career. After her studies completion, Racheal was now ready to conquer the world. A determined Racheal began job hunting for the job of her dreams. She got her first job as an accounts intern at a car spare parts company. After a while, she began looking for a new challenge. Racheal vividly remembers one day at home searching for an accounting internship when she came across an opening at 748 Air Services. She immediately applied and was lucky to get the position after several interviews. Racheal says that the skill set she gained at her previous workplace enabled her to secure the internship at 748 Air Services, finance department. Her hard work and commitment saw her employed and promoted to become an accounts assistant, a position she currently holds. To Racheal, every day is a learning experience through the various contracts she handles. She likes how 748 Air Services adheres to its co-values, such as teamwork in the various departments and how it prioritizes customer success. Racheal advises young people willing to join the aviation industry to be patient as it takes a while to learn and get to know everything. What motivates her to deliver and give her best every day is for her not to be in the same position she was in yesterday. During her free time, Racheal enjoys swimming, pottery and spending time with her family. She also volunteers at a children's home, where with her family and friends, they donate food. Despite working in the aviation industry, Racheal shares that she still gets chills when an aircraft takes off and lands and experiences airsickness. She adds that losing a close relative changed her perception of life and that life can change easily at any moment; therefore, people should live to the fullest and give their best every day. Her advice to her peers is to live the life you love and love the life you live and not to take life too seriously.
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