Nothing in life comes easy

Rose Musuki Mutuku was not always good at mathematics. As a matter of fact, in her early primary school days, she was a below average student. The fact that her parents were occupied most of the time as part of the industrious working class did not help her predicament. She had no one to help her polish her deteriorated arithmetic skills. On holiday from university, her uncle, a computer science student at Egerton University, came for a visit. During his brief stay, he intuitively grasped the struggle Rose was undergoing and took it upon himself to assist her. In addition to helping with the regular homework, Rose’s uncle began tutoring her for hours and made sure that by the time he was leaving, she had improved. His initiative paid off and within a short period, the effort Rose placed in practicing reflected on her grades. She went from being below average to the best mathematician in her class. From that point, this excellence and distinction in mathematics became ingrained as part of her identity up until completion of her Bachelor of Commerce degree. Similar to her struggle and gradual arithmetic progression, Rose’s professional career started out with plenty of sacrifices and voluntary work. She interned for four companies over a period of 16 months before finally landing a position as the accounts assistant at 748 Air Services, where she was a dedicated and assiduous intern for five months prior to receiving this position. Constantly motivated to better herself, Rose has undertaken the difficult challenge of juggling between work and studying for her Certified Public Accounts (CPA) exam. Thanks to her studious nature, she has managed to find the perfect equilibrium between the two. Moreover, she received an accolade as one of the top students countrywide in the CPA examinations. .
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