Focus on doing your best every day

A young Sylvia Vihenda remembers how exhilarating her first flight from Kisumu to Nairobi was. Her first flight was paid for by her deceased uncle who greatly impacted her view of life. According to Sylvia, everyone should strive to help each other. “If there is a slight chance to help the less fortunate or someone who needs your help, do it,” says Sylvia. “If you have an opportunity, go out there and make other people happy. There is joy and satisfaction that flows through us, when we spread love,” adds Vihenda. Sylvia is currently in a group that has been educating a young lady from primary school to currently studying at a polytechnic, an admirable gesture. Sylvia hails from a small village in Vihiga County. She pursued her primary education in Chandumba Primary before excelling to Kaimosi Girls for her Secondary Education. Growing up, Sylvia wanted to be a nurse. She pursued this dream by applying to Kenya Medical Training College to which she was rejected thrice. She took this rejection in stride and instead decided to pursue a degree in Disaster Management and International Relations from Masinde Muliro University. Sylvia was dealt with another blow upon completion of her university education. Jobs did not come knocking. She faced rejections in her job applications but never gave up. While interacting with her family members, she was notified of opportunities in the aviation industry that they believed could be a great fit. This is how Sylvia's journey in the aviation industry began. Sylvia secured employment with an aviation company as a customer service reservations agent. Vihenda joined 748 Air Services last year as a reservations agent and has now been able to acquire over five years’ experience. She enjoys talking to clients and derives much joy in customer satisfaction. She describes 748 Air Services as a friendly environment where colleagues work as a team. The mother of two dedicates her free time to her young family. She describes her beautiful children as her pillars and the reason for her to get up and toil every day. Sylvia’s advice to her peers, “Remain focused on your goal and never give up no matter how many times you get rejected. Never take any opportunity for granted and focus on doing your best every day.”
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