Be hard working and learn a lot everyday

Friendly, tall and a car enthusiast are some of the adjectives that you can use to describe Mahamud Mohamed Ali. Born and raised in Upper Hill, Nairobi, Mahamud is the last born in a family of 10 siblings. He started his schooling life at Madaraka Primary School before excelling to Shauri Moyo High School for his secondary education. Mahamud always wanted to be a mechanic after completion of his studies. Unfortunately for him, his dreams detoured after the passing of his parents. Moha, as popularly known by his friends and colleagues, knew that it was time for him to step up and fend for himself. He started by selling second hand clothes, a business he ran for 3 years, growing a client base mostly characterised by “Matatu” passengers. At this juncture, his passion for motor vehicles grew deeper and deeper. He quit his business and got into the public transport industry as a “Matatu” conductor plying the Buruburu route. After a year, Moha ameliorated to become a “matatu'' driver on the same route, which greatly enhanced his driving skills. In 2005, Moha secured a job as a chauffeur where he worked for two years before his aviator employer relocated overseas. As he was seeking another job, he received a phone call from 748 Air Services for an interview. Moha aced the interview and was permanently employed as a logistics officer in the operations department. He has since worked at 748 Air Services for the last 15 years not only as a logistics officer but as the fleet manager for an affiliate company. According to Moha, his long serving tenure at 748 Air Services has been made possible by the good work environment that promotes open communication among colleagues. “At 748 Air Services, we treat each other like family. In addition, the company provides opportunities for employees to grow and prosper in their careers,”he stated. Moha is also a passionate volunteer of Mama Ibado Charity, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that restores and safeguards the dignity of senior citizens of Kenya since its inception in 2011. He credits the charity for having grounded him to be appreciative of the challenges and blessings he has, after witnessing the struggles of senior citizens who should otherwise be living in dignity. Moha counsels young people to aspire to grow at their pace, not rushing things and be dedicated in doing what they love most without falling victim to peer pressure of comparing themselves with others. “Be hard working and learn a lot everyday as much as you can and learn how to multitask,” advises Mahamud.
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