Everything can change in a blink of an eye.

Jamal Abdalla, the firstborn in a family of 5, was born and raised in Kisumu County. He dreamt of working in the army as an army officer as a young boy. The thought of protecting his country kept lingering in his mind. He kept admiring how the army don their matching uniforms and always look fierce. He started schooling at Mtopanga Primary School in Mombasa County before proceeding to Serani High School in Mombasa for his high school education. To advance his education and gain competitive skills in life, he joined Advent College to study Computer Packages and Information Technology. After completion, to make ends meet, he began looking for a job. Jamal got his first job as a slicer at a bakery. When Covid19 hit the country in 2020 he left the job to become a taxi driver. This job would then open doors for him to become a personal driver. His good work ethic saw his boss refer him for a driver job opening at 748 Air Services under the logistics department. After a successful series of interviews, he was lucky to secure the job. Jamal has been a logistics officer at 748 Air Services for more than a year now. Jamal loves his job as he gets to learn new things every day, as he engages with different aviators during his work. He ensures aircraft parts are delivered on time and the crew arrives at their workstations early. He advises his peers willing to pursue aviation as a career and that it’s an industry where you can easily work, learn, and grow up the ladder. Jamal describes flying as an exciting experience, which he can never get enough of. “748 Air Services is a good place to work and be, the staff is friendly and joyful," says Jamal. He enjoys meeting colleagues every day and engaging with them. Jamal shares with us that what motivates him to work hard in life, is the peace of mind of making ends meet and supporting his siblings where he can. Jamal urges everyone to work smart and plan for their future. “Always focus, pray, and believe in God's ability that everything can change in a blink of an eye. Don’t take anything for granted.” When he is not working he enjoys taking a swim and skating. What people do not know about Jamal is that he loves cooking, with his favourite dish being Biryani.
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