Aviation Security – My Passion

Edward Aluda used to work as a general airport operator with an air brand-handling service company. Despite executing his duties of facilitating passengers and cargo diligently, Edward’s eyes lingered around and detected everything that was going on at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. One operation stood out in particular; the security procedure. Edward was captivated by how one of the airlines conducted a thorough screening and profiling of passengers and cargo. The manner in which the security personnel meticulously detected any possible danger and breach of security fascinated Edward and his passion was ignited. He spent the majority of his free time reading, learning and interacting with people who were well versed with aviation security and within months of doing so, his gravitation towards this sector was fully complete. Currently in his fourth year at 748 Air Services, Edward is our Security Manager and focuses primarily on protecting the company’s assets and ensuring a secure working environment. What’s interesting about Edward and his commitment to his job is his embrace of danger. Whether on the line of duty or not, he spends all his time learning and reading about new advancements in the security department. While some of his colleagues may spend their Sunday afternoons relaxing from the work week, Edward explores security challenges such as terrorism and hijacking. This constant pursuit of expertise has transformed him to become a reference point when it comes to matters of aviation security. This was proven when the company began handling Dash 8 Q400 aircrafts. The procedures and documentation processes worried some of his colleagues but with quick improvisation and swift execution, Edward interlinked what he learned from handling Dash 8 Q100 aircrafts and just like that it was a breeze. “My appreciation for 748 Air Services doubled during these trying times of COVID-19,” Edward said. The company has been able to retain staff and even further their training to provide them with the enlightenment needed once operations resume normally. “With 748, I have found a family. I don’t treat my job as a burden. I consider it a duty to my family. From the top leadership, everyone has been supportive of our department and I cannot sum up how grateful I am,” he added.
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