Aviation is my drive.

Aviation is my drive. William Masiga initially wanted to be a dentist, with great inspiration from his uncle. The second born in a family of 3 siblings was born and raised in Nairobi. He started his primary school education at Strathmore School before excelling at Consolata School for his high school education. William developed a deep passion for aviation in high school, which saw him on completion fly to Australia to study aviation at Aviation Australia. William was very industrious, as he used to work at a fast food restaurant as a chef to fund his living expenses in Australia. He flourishingly completed 2 Diplomas in Mechanical and Avionics Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. He then returned to Kenya and started seeking employment in various aviation companies. He was lucky to secure his first internship at 748 Air Services. After a while, William decided to advance his education with a degree. He pursued a Bachelor of Engineering in Aircraft Systems in Ireland, graduating with a Merit Grade 1. William appreciates his parents for supporting his educational endeavors. After graduation, he came back to Kenya and began job hunting. He started making ends meet by hosting escape room games. No sooner had he given up on his job search than he got an internship at an aviation company for three months. When the internship did not yield a full-time job, he undertook six months freelance internship. He later did another internship at a renowned airline for one and a half years. One of the senior engineers recommended him for an Aircraft Technician job at another airline due to his excellent work ethic. He was luckily employed and worked diligently for two years. However, when Covid struck the country, he was affected by the downsizing, which rendered him jobless. He experienced a hard time as he set out to look for another job. After a while, he got a job as a resource planner at a ground-handling company for a year. One day, after several past interviews, a job opportunity came calling at 748 Air Services for an assistant to the Head of Maintenance. He was called for the position and has toiled for two years now before being promoted to become the Development Engineer. William describes aviation as refreshingly challenging as he enjoys locating hitches and problem-solving. As a development engineer, he deals with the technical publications released by manufacturers and aviation authorities that relate to the modification of aircraft and also tracks the health of significant components of the aircraft to ensure airworthiness. He enlightens us that the aircraft is designed to be airborne, so even if an engine fails, it should be able to glide. William describes 748 Air Services as a company that strives to keep growing and improving itself with hardworking, friendly, and supportive colleagues. William shares that his two kids are his biggest motivation, as he works daily to give them a comfortable life. During his free time, he loves drawing portraits and going on road trips. William shares that Covid taught him that nothing in this life is permanent. “Pray for best, prepare for the worst.”
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