A security guard to a Sous Chef.

Dennis Eshitemi was born and raised in Mumias, Western Kenya in a village called Makunga in Kakamega County. The fifth born in a family of 8 siblings wanted to be an army officer when he grew up. He started his schooling at Makunga Primary School before later joining Musingu High School. Dennis was a talented footballer known around his village for his good football skills. His high school actually came looking for him from his home after class 8. He studied at Musingu for a term before transferring to St Antony’s Dago Kokore High School in Kiboswa Market where he completed his high school education. Dennis later on went to live in Kisumu, where he started working as a construction worker for a year in Kibos. He later then switched jobs to become a security guard for 2 years. A young Dennis had a dream. Using his hard earned savings at work he applied to join a hospitality college. Elated, he joined the Tsavo Park Institute of Technology in Voi where he studied a higher diploma in Hotel and catering management for 2 and a half years getting a distinction. After completion, he set out in search of a job. However most of his efforts turned futile. One of his family members assisting him on his job search in Nairobi luckily secured Dennis an interview. Dennis attended it and got a position as a steward in a leading Coffee Shop and Restaurant in Sarit Centre, Nairobi. A focused and determined Dennis worked as a steward for a year as he trained in the kitchen to become a cook. Hard work truly pays, as after a year he was promoted to be a cook in a new branch they were opening up in Kisumu. At 4 months he was promoted again to be the Cook 2, then the Line Chef after another 4 months due to his commitment to his job. Dennis worked as a Line Chef for another two years before being promoted again to be the Assistant Branch Chef. Dennis was then moved back again to Nairobi where he worked for a year and a half to become the branch chef in another branch for a year and a half. Due to the many work transfers, Dennis resigned and started working in Outside Catering for 6 months, as he concurrently applied for a position at Café 748. One lucky day, he was called for an interview at Café 748 which he passed successfully. He started out as a casual worker as a chef for a year at Café 748. As he was working, he got an opportunity to go to the United Kingdom as a chef in Jersey Island for a year; however, due to Covid19 he had to come back home to Kenya. East or West, home is best. Dennis came back to Café 748 and applied again to be a chef. Due to his work ethic, he was absorbed back as a Chef for a year before being promoted to be a Sous Chef. Dennis has been serving as a Sous Chef for the last 2 years at Café 748. What keeps him going is that the staff works as a team with a good relationship. He is very grateful being at 748 Air Services as he gets to interact with aviation staff, fly and view aircrafts up close. Dennis says he really loves his job as he remembers his journey on how far he has come. He loves the production period of cooking where he gives his best for the tastiest meals. He shares that one of his happiest moments are when he was awarded as the employee of the year 2022 at Café 748 and thrice in his previous employment. He advises anyone willing to join the hospitality industry that it’s a good place to be due to the many entry positions , as one can work anywhere as a Chef, Barista, waiter or a manager. During his free time, Dennis enjoys watching cooking documentaries which enhance his skills and enables him to perform better. Dennis is happily married and blessed with a boy of 9 years old, who is his biggest motivation. Dennis dreams of owning and managing a football team of his own in the future. He currently supports an Academy back at home called Makunga Scorpion Football team which consists of a junior team of Under 13 years and Under 10 years. He mentors the young players to focus on their studies, nurture their talent and grow into responsible citizens in the society, as he hopes they will get a sponsorship one day.
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